Smufs BT optical

SMUFS OPTICAL Secure Mobile Universal Fingerprint Scanner is the smallest, certified identity verification Mobile Biometrics system

  • SMUFS OPTICAL finger print scanner based on CBM-E2 that is certified: FIPS 201 PIV, MINEX compliant.
  • It offers an embedded biometric engine for extraction/matching (Morpho) in real-time, suitable for 1:1 /1: few verification, at off-grid operation in remote locations.
  • It is Excellent for demanding 1: N identification challenges, in the field through biometric server over GPRS network. The device can handles tasks from standalone identity to large-scale AFIS requirements.
  • The smallest optical BT scanner existing today in the market that can perform matching on board included NFIQ\WSQ.
  • SMUFS OPTICAL is a “plug&play”, simple to use, User friendly, automatically recognized by any OS.
  • The SMUFS Optical designed to operate in the mobile domain, with low power consumption and full adaptation to its host power management, including iPhones & iPads.