Our belief is that Identifying people by username and password is insecure, precarious, unsafe. We would like machines to identify and interact with people based on what they are rather than what they might know.


Team :

Smufs Biometric Solutions (SBS) was founded in 2011 by group of entrepreneurs who saw the potential in mobile biometric domain in upcoming years.


We have arguably worked with every Biometric sensor and Biometric algorithm available in market today and with we can design, develop and implement.

  • Hardware Solutions based on any Biometric Sensor.
  • Software solutions based on any Sensor, API and platform.

Activities / News:

Currently we are producing and implementing

  • A biometric mobile unit that can work with all smart phones for Registration and Identification of individuals. Know more about it here....
  • A Biometric Server that can use any Biometric algorithm in plug and play mode. If more than one algorithm is plugged in it will make the system much more robust and useful by utilizing the best of both. more info here...

Join Us:

If you are interested in joining our team please email to contact@smufsbio.com with a write-up on your interests, how you can contribute and your present capabilities